How does it work?

Earn rewards by checking in at participating CHEW Dining Club restaurants. Each time you visit a participating CHEW Dining Club restaurant, either enter your check number or scan your custom QR code on the check in screen on your app. CHEW Dining Club will send you personalized offers, invitations, and information based off your dining preferences.

How do I check in?

There are two ways to check in:

1. Enter the CHEW check-in number listed on your receipt into the check in screen in the app. To find this screen, go to the 'Check In' tab on the app and then tap the "Enter My Check In Number" icon.

2. Scan your QR code at CHEW's counter service restaurants (Lardo, Grassa, Philippe's Bread and Associated). To check in, tap the "Scan My Phone" icon under "Check In" and hold it in fron tof the CHEW scanners while ordering your food.

When should I check in?

If you are checking in using your CHEW check-in number, we encourage all guests to enter their check-in number immediately after receiving the check. Check-ins can be redeemed within 7 days of the transaction date. Check numbers entered more than 7 days after the transaction date will not be validated.

If you are checking in by scanning your custom QR code, be sure to present the code to the cashier while ordering your food. The cashier will direct you to hold up your phone in front of our CHEW scanners.

What if I didn't receive a receipt?

If you did not scan your custom QR code to check in (or scanning was not an option) then the check number is the only way to redeem a check-in. We encourage you to request a receipt for all CHEW transactions.

What if I split the bill?

All individuals who paid for a portion of the bill are eligible to redeem a check-in with that check number.

Why doesn't my check-in show up in my Status right away?

Check-ins may take at least 24 hours to process. You can check the status of your check-in under History, which is located in your account settings. If your check-in is still pending after this time period, please contact the Support Team.

Why was my check-in denied?

There are a number of reasons why a check-in request may be denied. Please make sure that your check-in complies with the check-in rules below. If you feel that your request was denied in error, please contact the Support Team.

Check-In Rules

      Only one check-in will be approved and applied towards your status per meal period* at each participating establishment.

      Additional check-ins at the same establishment within the meal period will still be used to better customize your rewards but will not be applied to your status level. These check-ins will be labeled "Credited" in your History screen.

      Check-ins must be entered within 7 days of the transaction date.

      The check number must match the check number on your receipt.

*Meal periods: Breakfast (4am-11am), Lunch (11am-3pm), Dinner (3-10pm), Late night (10pm-4am)

What is my status?

Your status is determined by the number of total check-ins that you accumulate and follows the journey of an aspiring chef. Each status level is associated with special offers and invitations.

Prep Cook (0-9 visits)

Prep Cooks enjoy a complimentary welcome gift that can be redeemed at any participating CHEW restaurant.

Sous Chef (10-29 visits)

Sous Chefs will receive a birthday gift that can be redeemed at any participating CHEW restaurant.

Executive Chef (30+ visits)

Executive Chefs will also receive a birthday gift as well as an invitation to the annual CHEW party. Invitations will be delivered via an in app message.

How do I maintain my status?

Once you achieve a new status level, you have 12 months to accumulate the minimal number of visits for that status to maintain your new status level. If you do not meet the minimum number of check-ins to maintain your level, your status will drop one status level.

What is the Bucket List challenge?

Check in at every participating CHEW Dining Club restaurant and weÕll send you $100 worth of gift cards to use at your favorite CHEW Dining Club spots. You will also receive an invitation to attend our annual CHEW party.

How do I receive my rewards?

All offers, invites, and communications will be delivered through in app messages. Occasionally CHEW Dining Club will send e-mails out to notify you of these messages.

What phone operating systems are supported?

CHEW Dining Club app is available for iOS and Android phones. Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download.

How can I send feedback?

We recommend using the Feedback function inside the settings on your app. You can also send feedback via email support@chewdiningclub.com.

For additional questions or assistance, please contact our Support Team through the settings tab on the app or via e-mail support@chewdiningclub.com.